18 de março de 2009

In The Money

Cyclone took The Watchmen Personality Profile Quiz quiz and the result is Rorschach - Black and White

You are brave and great at solving mysterious or puzzles. You have street smarts earned through the School of Hard Knocks. However, you are stubborn and single-minded. You see the world as black and white, issues as right or wrong. You have a nihilistic viewpoint. Over the years your beliefs have consumed you to the point that you have morphed into a totally different person then you used to be.

You strive to clean the world of what you perceive to be corruption.

You have a strong sense of justice, and you believe that criminals should have no rights. Ironically, you feel that the law does not apply to you. You will break the law in the name of justice. You never compromise your position, despite the outcome. You often defend the weak, even though you view them as willing victims.

You are cynical of most people and believe their motives are self-serving and sinister. You have issues with trust. Because of your trust issues, you have few friends. Money and material possessions are of little use to you, and you seek no credit for your deeds. You often find yourself obsessed with an undertaking, often neglecting what you perceive to be nonessential tasks such as bathing or household chores until you finish the job.

Some words that could be used to desribe you are as follows: stubborn, nihilistic, vigilant, determined, inquisitive, moralistic, resolute, antihero.

2 Ah e tal...:

Homem da faina disse...

ahahaha calhou-me o Night Owl...

sabes bem que eu é que papo a Silk Specter II no meu Archie Mobile!

Cyclone disse...

ahahahaha muito bom! é a botar festaria na minina e quês!